WEDDING SERVICES - A casual, life-style photo session of the bride and groom prior to wedding day photographed like “a walk in the park.” Spontaneous as well as intimate images are captured in both color and black & white. BEFORE THE DAY - First, we review your day in great detail by gathering information. We assemble a shot list of all those to be included in the formal photo session. We ask you to assign a contact person(s) who acts as a liaison on wedding day and knows each person on your list so we are never referring to you on your day. WEDDING DAY COVERAGE - We recommend starting your day at preparation where there are countless opportunities to capture the expressions of love and excitement in the air as the day is about to unfold. We then follow you throughout your day until your departure. A full day’s coverage for our packages is eight hours. We are available to customize packages according to your needs and desires. TRAVEL & MEAL REQUIREMENTS - Travel expenses are included within a 60-mile radius. Out of state travel that requires an over night stay will be quoted on request. A hot meal is required for each member of the photography and video team. This meal should be timed with the bride & groom’s main course so that no photo opportunities are missed while the photographer/videographer and crew eats for fifteen minutes.